Welcome to Design MasterPrize, a global platform celebrating innovation and design excellence. We honor visionary creators who have transformed industries and enriched our lives with their groundbreaking ideas. Join us in recognizing the remarkable achievements of designers, engineers, and creators worldwide as we celebrate their positive impact on our evolving world.


The Design Masterprize (DMP) stands as a pinnacle of design achievement, committed to promoting global excellence in the field. This prestigious international contest, akin to its sister organization, the Architecture Masterprize (AMP) architecture awards, emphasizes the influential role of design in a variety of sectors, including product, communication, and graphic design.

Our primary goal is to cast a spotlight on remarkable design and the talented individuals and enterprises behind it. DMP, following in the footsteps of AMP, seeks to be a dynamic force in the design community, fostering collaboration and innovation by bringing together designers, corporations, and media on a unified platform. Providing a global stage, DMP invites participation from a broad spectrum of disciplines and experience levels, ensuring that these creative efforts gain worldwide recognition and appreciation.


Elevate your design career and reap the rewards of joining Design MasterPrize (DMP). As a participant, you not only enter a prestigious competition but also open doors to a world of opportunities and recognition.

Global Recognition: Attain international acclaim in product design, communications, advertising, digital media, and related fields as we celebrate and reward excellence.

Strategic Promotion: Leverage our robust PR campaigns and promotions, amplifying your global presence.

Widened Client Base: Seize the opportunity to be discovered by new clients worldwide, expanding your reach and business prospects exponentially.

Networking: Connect with creative minds across the globe, forging valuable relationships and unlocking new avenues for collaboration and growth.

Team Morale Boost: Elevate your team to new heights with well-deserved international recognition, cultivating a sense of pride and motivation.

Transparent Fees: Unlike other competitions, Design MasterPrize (DMP) ensures fairness by incorporating all winner benefits in the submission fees—no hidden costs.


At Design MasterPrize (DMP), we believe in honoring and celebrating the exceptional talent and creativity that designers bring to the world. Our Distinctions stand as a testament to the dedication and innovation within the global design community.

Best of Best 
The pinnacle of achievement at Design MasterPrize (DMP), the Best of Best title is awarded to the top winners in each main category. Recognized and celebrated by the DMP Jury, this prestigious accolade signifies unparalleled excellence in design.

Category champions at Design MasterPrize (DMP) don’t just receive acclaim; they proudly bear the DMP Winner’s logo and certifications. This exclusive recognition marks their exceptional contributions to design, acknowledging their innovative prowess and impact.

Honorable Mention
For entries that shine brightly among their peers, the Honorable Mention distinction at Design MasterPrize (DMP) acknowledges outstanding merit. Although not selected as winners, these entries stand as remarkable examples of design excellence within their respective categories.

Official Entry
All Design MasterPrize entrants receive our exclusive Official Entry benefits, acknowledging your creative excellence and commitment to the world of design. It’s a stepping stone towards future success and recognition in the design world.

Dates & Fees

Ensure your awards entry by completing the payment well before the final deadline. Don’t wait until the last minute to secure your spot and take advantage of reduced entry fees.

Entry fees start at: $210 for professionals, $50 for students in the early entry period.

Normal entry fees: $300 for professionals, $70 for students.

Additional categories for the same entry enjoy 30% discount.

Early Entry Fees:
30% Entry Discount
March 31, 2024

Ext. Early Entry Fees:
20% Entry Discount
May 31, 2024

Regular Deadline: 
10% Entry Discount
July 31, 2024

Final Deadline: 
September 30, 2024


Whether you’re pioneering advancements in 3D printing or forging new paths in sustainable design, DMP offers a stage for all visionary designers across 29 categories in product and graphic design. 

View all categories here.


The backbone of the Design MasterPrize (DMP) evaluation process is our esteemed panel of industry experts. Hailing from diverse realms within the design world, these distinguished jurors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront. The jury comprises luminaries in product design, communication, and graphic design, including seasoned professionals such as art and creative directors, curators, publishers, and other influential figures.

These accomplished individuals play a pivotal role in assessing and recognizing the most outstanding achievements in the ever-evolving landscapes of product design, communication, and graphic design. Their discerning eyes and extensive expertise ensure that only the most exceptional and innovative entries receive the recognition they deserve. 

We will soon unveil the faces and profiles of these industry trailblazers, each contributing their unique perspectives and expertise to shape the narrative of design excellence at DMP. Witness the convergence of brilliance as our esteemed jurors unite to celebrate and honor the transformative power of design across diverse disciplines.

View our confirmed jurors here.


Can individuals and companies from any country participate?

Absolutely! Design MasterPrize is open to designers, engineers, and creators worldwide. We encourage a diverse and global participation.

Why should I submit my work to Design MasterPrize (DMP)?

Unlock global recognition, expand your client base, and network with top-tier designers. Enjoy extensive PR campaigns, boost team morale, and all without additional winner fees.

How do I register for Design MasterPrize (DMP)?

Registration is simple! Navigate to the registration page, and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your entry. Ensure you provide all required information accurately.

Can I submit multiple works in different categories?

Yes, you can submit multiple works in different categories. Each entry will be evaluated separately based on the chosen category.

What information do I need to provide during the registration process?

The registration process requires basic information about yourself/company and your work, including project details, images, and a brief description. Make sure to carefully fill in all the required fields.

Can I submit works that have been previously awarded in other competitions?

Yes, you can submit works that have received awards in other competitions. DMP welcomes exceptional designs, regardless of previous accolades.

Do I need to pay the submission fee before I can submit my work?

No, you can submit your work before paying the fee. However, please note that the submission will not be eligible for consideration by the jury until the payment of the submission fee has been finalized.

What are the main categories of Design MasterPrize?

Design MasterPrize (DMP) features a diverse range of categories covering various design disciplines in product and graphic / communication design. Currently, we offer a dynamic array of categories, providing a platform for every visionary designer. 
View all categories here.

Can I enter multiple categories with a single submission?

Yes, you can submit your entry to multiple relevant categories. Each submission will be judged independently in its respective category.

Are there any restrictions on the number of entries I can submit?

No, there are no restrictions on the number of entries. You can submit as many entries as you like, each in its appropriate category.

How do I know which category is the best fit for my design?

Review the category descriptions and examples provided. Choose the category that best represents the primary focus of your design.

Can I edit my submission after it has been entered?

Unfortunately, once a payment is made, it cannot be edited. Please ensure all details are accurate before finalizing your entry.

What happens if my design doesn't fit into any existing categories?

If your design doesn’t fit into any listed category, please contact our support team at  

We’ll assist you in finding the most suitable category for your work.

Is there a fee for each category I enter?

Yes, there is a submission fee for each category entered. Refer to the Dates & Fees for detailed information on fees.

Are there age or experience restrictions for entering specific categories?

Design MasterPrize is open to designers, engineers, and creators of all experience levels and ages. There are no specific age or experience restrictions for entering any category.

What is the difference between "conceptual" and "in progress" for the project status?
“Conceptual” is for projects where the making of the product has not started yet, you just have plans, designs.
“In progress” are for projects where the actual making of the product has started, but the product is not commercialized yet.
If your project status is conceptual, you are not limited to only the categories in the conceptual list. Entries can be submitted as not-completed designs or in progress in all categories.
How can I make the payment for my entry?

Design MasterPrize accepts payments through Stripe accepting all major credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, etc). Please follow the instructions during the submission process for a smooth payment experience.

Can I edit my submission after paying the entry fee?

Unfortunately, once payment is completed, submissions cannot be edited. Please ensure all details are accurate before finalizing your entry.

Is there a refund policy if I decide to withdraw my entry?

Unfortunately, Design MasterPrize does not offer refunds for entry fees. Please carefully review your submission before making the payment.

Can I receive an invoice for my entry fee payment?

Yes, upon completing your payment, you will receive an invoice for your records. Ensure the accuracy of your contact details during the submission process.

Can I pay the entry fee in installments?

Design MasterPrize requires the full entry fee to be paid at the time of submission. Installment options are not available at this time.

Is there an advantage to submitting my entry early?

Absolutely! Early submissions benefit from significant entry fee discounts, providing an opportunity to save costs and secure participation well in advance.

Is there a fee for each category I enter?

Yes, there is a submission fee for each category entered.

What are the key dates for Design MasterPrize submissions?

Design MasterPrize offers multiple entry periods:

  • Early Entry Fees:
    30% Entry Discount
    March 31, 2024

  • Ext. Early Entry Fees:
    20% Entry Discount
    May 31, 2024

  • Regular Deadline: 
    10% Entry Discount
    July 31, 2024

  • Final Deadline: 
    September 30, 2024

How much is the entry fee for Design MasterPrize?

The entry fees vary based on the entry period.

Standard entry fees for professionals start from $210, and students from $49.

How are entries evaluated during the judging process?

Entries undergo a rigorous evaluation by our panel of experts, considering various criteria. Each submission is carefully reviewed to ensure a fair and comprehensive assessment.

Our team has worked with data scientists, mathematicians and programmers to develop a reliable, fair and innovative voting system.
The winner selection is happening in multiple stages, online, through our custom made voting system.

Initial Review
After the entry deadline has passed, before the judging process begins, all entries are reviewed by our editors to make sure they are finalised, photos are correctly uploaded, and the entries are ready to be presented to the jurors. We will email you if anything is missing.

Official Selection / Honorable Mentions
The first stage is where our editors together with a group of expert jurors select a longlist, known as the DMP Official Selection.

Winners Selection
For the second stage, a set of entries are assigned to jurors based on their expertise. Jurors score projects based on design excellence (including aesthetics, environmental, cultural and contextual considerations) and the overall originality of the project – including new, innovative technologies or creative solutions used. The projects’ practicality, and fulfilment of functional requirements, sustainability practices and overall environmental considerations of the project are taken into consideration during the judging process. Sub-category winners are selected in this round.

Best of Best Selection
The third stage is where the highest scored entries are selected across all categories, these receive the Best of Best title.

Designers Of the Year Selection
The Best of Best entries are again revised by the jury who select their top three favorite projects to be nominated for the Design of the Year. The entry that receives the highest number of nominations in each main category (architectural, interior, and landscape design) will be awarded as the Design of the Year and receive the DMP trophy.

All successful entrants will receive the Winner’s logo, and are entitled to use it for commercial purposes to promote their winnings. Receiving the MasterPrize award is not only a significant achievement in architecture, but also a unique opportunity for winners to receive promotional materials to publicize their achievements and gain exposure for their firm and projects worldwide.


Who are the judges for Design MasterPrize (DMP)?

The judges for Design MasterPrize are esteemed industry experts and professionals with extensive experience in various design disciplines. 


Can I get feedback on my submission after the judging process?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of entries, we are unable to provide individual feedback on submissions. However, the judging process ensures a thorough evaluation of each entry based on predefined criteria.

Are judges specialized in specific design categories?

Yes, our judging panel includes experts with diverse specializations covering various design categories. This ensures that each entry is evaluated by professionals with relevant expertise.

How is the Best of Best title determined?

The Best of Best title is awarded to the top winners in each main category. It signifies unparalleled excellence in design and is recognized and celebrated by the DMP Jury.

What do winners receive at DMP?

Winners not only receive acclaim but also proudly showcase the DMP Winners logo and certifications. This exclusive recognition highlights their exceptional impact and innovative prowess in the world of design.

What does the Honorable Mention represent at Design MasterPrize (DMP)?

The Honorable Mention distinction at DMP acknowledges entries that shine brightly among their peers. While they may not be selected as winners, these entries stand as remarkable examples of design excellence within their respective categories.

Can I use the DMP Official Entry Badge for promotional purposes?

Yes, every qualified entry receives the DMP Official Entry Badge, which can be used to promote your association with DMP and showcase your commitment to design excellence.

How can I stay updated on the results and events of DMP?

Keep an eye on our official website and social media channels for announcements, results, and upcoming events. Subscribe to our newsletter for timely updates.