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Discovering Design MasterPrize: A New Paradigm in International Design Awards

Welcome to a new chapter in the world of creativity and innovation: Design MasterPrize (DMP). As we introduce this groundbreaking initiative, the landscape of international design awards is set to be redefined. DMP emerges not just as another award in the plethora of global design recognitions but as a beacon of true design distinction. Building on the legacy of the acclaimed Architecture Masterprize, DMP serves as a sister organization, continuing the tradition of celebrating outstanding achievements in design. This alignment with its prestigious counterpart further cements DMP’s role in shaping the future of design recognition on a global stage.


Global Design Recognition Reimagined

At its core, DMP is a combination of vision, creativity, and excellence. It brings together designers, engineers, and creators from every corner of the globe, offering a unique platform to showcase their extraordinary achievements. What sets DMP apart in the realm of international design awards is its comprehensive approach to celebrating design’s positive influence on our world.


How Design MasterPrize Stands Apart

Unparalleled Diversity and Inclusivity

DMP is more than an award; it’s a celebration of global design recognition. Spanning across product design, communication, and graphic design, DMP offers a broad spectrum of categories. This inclusivity allows a diverse range of creators to find their place and voice in the international design community.

A Catalyst for Collaboration and Innovation

DMP’s mission extends beyond mere recognition. It’s about fostering collaboration and innovation by connecting individual designers, companies, and the press. This synergy creates a dynamic environment, propelling the entire design industry forward.

Transparent and Fair

In stark contrast to many international design awards, DMP prides itself on its transparency and fairness. All benefits for winners are included in the submission fees, eliminating hidden costs and ensuring a level playing field for all participants.


The Benefits of Joining Design MasterPrize

Strategic Promotion on a Global Stage

DMP’s extensive PR campaigns provide unparalleled exposure, amplifying the presence of participants on a global scale. This strategic promotion extends beyond the competition, offering ongoing opportunities for recognition and growth.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Participation in DMP opens doors to networking with some of the most creative minds worldwide. It’s a chance to forge valuable relationships and explore new avenues for collaboration and innovation.

Boosting Team Morale and Recognition

Winning or even participating in DMP serves as a significant morale booster. It acknowledges the hard work and dedication of teams, elevating their status in the international design community.


Participation in Design MasterPrize

Entry Process and Fees

DMP offers a structured and straightforward entry process, with fees clearly outlined for each submission phase. The early bird discounts encourage early participation, making the competition accessible to a wider range of designers.

Categories and Subcategories: A Canvas for Every Designer

DMP’s extensive range of categories ensures that every designer can find their niche. From sustainable design to 3D printing, the competition covers a broad spectrum, celebrating innovation in all its forms.

The Judging Process: A Testament to Fairness and Expertise
The backbone of DMP’s evaluation process is its panel of industry experts. This diverse jury, comprising seasoned professionals from various design fields, ensures that every entry is assessed with fairness and deep understanding.
Distinctions and Recognition: Celebrating Design Excellence
DMP’s distinctions – Best of Best, Winner, and Honorable Mention – each hold significant value, celebrating various levels of achievement and innovation. These accolades are not just titles but symbols of design excellence and creativity.

Understanding Design MasterPrize

Open to Global Participation
DMP is inclusive, welcoming participants from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin. This global participation underscores the international scope of the competition.

Benefits of Participation

By entering DMP, designers gain global recognition, expand their client base, and join a network of top-tier designers. The competition offers extensive PR opportunities and a chance to boost team morale, all without additional winner fees.


A New Era of International Design Recognition

Design MasterPrize (DMP) marks a new era in international design awards. Its unique approach, focusing on diversity, collaboration, and transparency, sets it apart from other awards. By participating in DMP, designers and creators join an elite group of visionaries, showcasing their talent on the world stage. Join Design MasterPrize (DMP) to celebrate excellence and push the boundaries of creativity, elevating your brand and connecting with a global community where your creativity shines on the world stage.